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About Us

Vanceboro, Maine is a small rural community located in northern Washington County. The Town is run by a Board of Selectmen that are elected by the people at the annual Town Meeting in March. The Vanceboro Elementary School, built in 1992, has students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Our High School students can either finish their education in the State of Maine or go to McAdam, New Brunswick, Canada. The Town also has two churches for your worshipping needs. The Town maybe smal but we have a lot to offer.


Area Activities

Vanceboro is the place to go if you enjoy camping, fishing, canoeing, hunting, snowmobiling, looking at the leaves when the seasons change, or just to relax.


Vanceboro offers canoe rentals, shuttle service and camping facilities. Camp sites are available on Spednic Lake and the St. Croix River.

The Town has two general stores and one gas station for all your supplies.

Holly's General Store has beer, soda, ice, snacks, sandwiches, hunting and fishing supplies as well as all your general household supplies. They are also a propane filling station.

Monk's Texaco has beer, soda, ice, snacks, hunting and fishing supplies, gerneral household goods, and Texaco gasoline. They are also a Duty Free Store if you plan on traveling into Canada.


Our Location

The Town of Vanceboro is located at the end of Route 6.
To find us take I-95 north to exit 55 east (Route 6).
If you need directions just click below.