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The Town of Vanceboro is located in the northern corner of Washington County. The Town is on the St. Croix River, which divides Maine and New Brunswick, Canada.

The Town was named after William Vance, who originally owned the town.

The railroad came to Vanceboro in the late 1800's which provided a link to the outside world. The economy in Vanceboro started to boom. Many worked on the railraod. With the railroad in Town it provided many more jobs, The Shaw Brothers Tannery, the lumber industry, and the Vanceboro Wooden Ware Company.

The Shaw Brothers, a Boston based firm, was able to employ 50 men in their tannery by 1873, and produce more than 60 tons of sole leather.

The Vanceboro Wooden Ware Company, was established in 1879, the company produced clothespins. By 1885 the company was manufacturing hardwood flooring, baseball bats, handles of several and cheese boxes, with the railroad the markets ranged from Oregon to Australia. In the 1880's the company employed any average of 20 men.

The Town of Vanceboro is just a quite place to live. Most of the residents travel to work. Some are still employed by the railroad or in the lumber industry.

If you would like to find out more about the history of the Town of Vanceboro, go to the Vanceboro Historical Society's web page.

Vanceboro Historical Society

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